Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our loyalty program “Fiesta Ole Tequila Rewards”, this program is created to thank your preference and for being our frequent costumer.
1.         How does Fiesta Ole Tequila Rewards work?
1.1       When you have a certain number of points, we will give you a discount in the total amount of your check, according to the next table:
            100 points  10 dlls OFF
            150 points  13 dlls OFF
            200 points  18 dlls OFF
            300 points  25 dlls OFF
1.2       Frequently we will be doing special offers for the members of “Fiesta Ole Tequila House Rewards”.
1.3       When you make 6 consumes with us on your lunch, the 7th will be free, also you will be aerning points as we describe it on 2.1
2.         How do I obtain the points?
2.1       Each consume with us in food (doesn’t include alcoholic beverages, taxes, neither tips) you receive 1 point for each dollar you pay from your check.
2.2       For each person you recommend to our loyalty program you will receive 10 points.
3.         Restriccions.
3.1       Points are not trasnferable with other users.
3.2       Points are applicable in just one check per table, so you can divide the check to apply points to different programs in the same table.
3.3       Points doesn’t apply with anny other offer, discount or cuppon.. 
3.4       If you wish to pay with points please tell your waiter/ waitress awhen he opens your account. This pay method only apply with regular prices.
3.5       Points will not be change for money neither in cash, neither in check.
3.6       Any iother situation that is not written in this document will be analyzed by the manager acording to the situation.